Change CD/DVD drive letter in Windows

Some people get used to drive letters that they have for a long time. Installing new storage device might break it.

Here I will show you how to change your CD/DVD drive letter in Windows.

  1. Go to Computer Management and click Disk Management

    Computer Management - Click Disk Manager item
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  2. Right click drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths…

    Computer Management - Right click drive1
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  3. Select drive letter and click Change… button.

    Computer Management - Change Drive Letter and Paths window
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  4. Choose new drive letter. Only available letters are shown.

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  5. Confirm window by clicking Yes and click Ok

    Computer Management - Change Drive Letter and Paths Confirm window
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5 thoughts on “Change CD/DVD drive letter in Windows”

  1. Before you get mad: removable drives (DVD, virtual DVD, USB etc.) are shown in the disk management console ONLY if there is a media inside them.


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