Change Currency for a PayPal Payment and Save Money

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Paypal uses the currency specified by the seller for payment. By default, it converts this currency to currency your card uses. This can be a problem since PayPal does not always have a good exchange rate.

Good news is that Paypal allows you to transfer currency exchange to your card issuer.

In steps below, we will pay 15.11 USD for an item using GBP credit card attached to PayPal using card issuers conversion rate instead PayPal’s.

  1. On payment page, verify currency and exchange rate used by PayPal.

    If you want to change currency click View currency conversion options

    paypal - initial payment
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  2. On Currency conversion page select Convert with card issuer

    paypal - currency conversion
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  3. Click Agree button

    paypal - currency conversion
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  4. Verify that the currency has changed.

    paypal - confirmation
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