Change SIM Card PIN settings in MIUI


This will show you how to change PIN code for SIM Card in the latest version: MIUI 9.

  1. In System Settings tap Additional Settings

    MIUI System Settings
    MIUI System Settings

  2. Enter Privacy

    Additional settings
    Additional settings

  3. In Security section tap on SIM Card name which PIN settings you want to change.

    Privacy Settings
    Privacy Settings
  4. Now using Lock SIM card you can choose if phone should ask for PIN to unlock the SIM Card after each reset or Change SIM PIN option to change or set new PIN code.

    SIM Lock Settings
    SIM Lock Settings

  1. Anonymous says


  2. Ilaygos says


  3. Simis Lehtisen poika says

    Tanks, job done and I am pleased.

  4. Atul says

    But what is the default pin?? It’s asking fr a pin.

    1. Sebastian Expert says

      try 1234 or 0000 but it is for Bluetooth connections. Sim card has no default PIN. You can also try to find it on the information card you got with sim card, where the PUK code is.

  5. mopiou says

    Merci ! Thank you !

  6. Thomas mathew says

    Input PUK?

    Enter PIN?

    Enter PIN Agai?

    Unlock sim is jio….help me

    1. Sebastian Expert says

      you need to enter PIN number

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