Changing Default Save File Format in Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2016

In Office 2007, Microsoft introduced new extensions: xlsx, docx, ppts etc. which are no longer binaries but based on Office Open XML. Since then, they are also the default format for saving files.

However, if you still need to save new files in a format such as Excel 97-2003 and would like to have it as default - you can change it easily.

  1. Click File tab.

  2. Click Options.

  3. Navigate to Save panel.

    In the panel on the right find Save files in this format. Click to drop down to choose the format.

    From now whenever you hit the Ctrl + S shortcut, or click the save button, the file format you just selected will be set.

    Excel save options
    Excel save options - Click to enlarge
    Word Save Options
    Word Save Options - Click to enlarge
    PowerPoint Save Options
    PowerPoint Save Options - Click to enlarge

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