How to Set Different Header or Footer on First Page in Word?

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You want header or/and footer to be any of those:

  • shown only on first page
  • hidden only on first page
  • be different only on first page


Solution is to use Different First Page option for header or footer. What it does it separates text shown in header or footer on first page from the one shown in other pages.

There are two ways to set this option from user interface. Both have the same effect. First solution is shorter so it is the preffered way but you can use either one.

Set by Header & Footer Design tab (faster)

  1. Go to header and footer editing mode by double cliking on the the header or footer area in the document.

  2. In the Design tab check Different First Page box.

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Set by Page Layout tab

  1. In Layout tab, click on the right hand bottom of the page Setup bar.

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  2. Go to the Layout tab and check the Different first page checkbox.

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