How to export RSS feeds from Outlook 2013


This will show you how to export your RSS feeds from Outlook 2013 to any other program/service by OPML file.

Step 1

Click FILE tab

File Tab

Step 2

Click Open & Export option

Click Open & Export option

Step 3

Click Import/Export button

Import/Export button

Step 4

Select Export RSS Feeds to an OPML file option. Click Next.

Export RSS Feeds to an OPML file option

Step 5

Select which feeds you want to export, then choose file name and path.


If you get similar error:

You do not have permission to save to this location.

Choose another location to save this file.You are probably trying to save file in root folder like c:file.opml. Choose any other folder to export the file, like c:tempfile.opml

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