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How to find and go to a specific row number in Excel?

By | May 3, 2015

If you are working on a big worksheet you know the pain of navigating between large number of columns and rows. For example finding row 21454 and then moving back to 452 can take some time.

Let me show you how to easily navigate between rows in big spreadsheets by getting to know how to find and go to specific row or cell in Excel.

Excel offers two ways of doing so:

  • Name box
  • “Go To” window

Name box

Name box is located on the Home tab on the left side of the formula input box.

Step 1

Click the Name box

Excel Name Box

Step 2

Type in the cell address.

If you don’t know the column number or you want to go simply to a specific row, type A for column and row number like: A21

Excel Name Box

Step 3

Press Enter. Excel will navigate to the cell.

Excel Name Box

Name box can do much more but let’s save this for future articles.

“Go To” window

Step 1

To open Go To window use Ctrl + G (G like GoTo) or F5.
You can also access it from ribbon from Home tab -> Find & Select group

Opening "Go To" window in Excel


Opening "Go To" window in Excel

Step 2

In the Go To window type in the cell address like A3423 and click OK

Opening "Go To" window in Excel


Visited cells will be listed in the Go To box. They will be there until you close the spreadsheet. If you close it and open it up again – they will be lost.
Go To window with history

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