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Fix – It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken

By | September 26, 2017
unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. 
Try disconnecting from WordPress.com then reconnecting.
Jetpack Unknown Token message

Jetpack Unknown Token message

This problem might happen when you restore your blog from backup. This is not a big problem. You just need to obtain new fresh token from Jetpack site. Easiest and fastest way to do it is to simply disconnect and connect again your site as error message suggests.

Steps below will show you how to do this.

  1. Go to Jetpack / My Jetpack

    Jetpack Unknown Token features page

    Click to enlarge

  2. Click Disconnect site from WordPress.com

    Jetpack Unknown Toker my jetpack

    Click to enlarge

  3. Confirm Disconnect

     Jetpack Unknown Toker Disconnecting Jetpack

    Click to enlarge

  4. Now that you have successfully disconnected your blog from WordPress.com, it is time to re-connect it by clicking Connect Jetpack

    Jetpack Unknown Toker Disconnected Jetpack

    Click to enlarge

  5. Verify that you are connecting as a correct user by looking at the Connecting as: field. If everything is ok, click Approve button

    Jetpack Unknown Toker Connecting to Jetpack

    Click to enlarge

  6. Done! You should get confirmation screen as shown below. Now Jetpack should work with no problem.

    Jetpack Unknown Token Connected Jetpack

    Click to enlarge

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