Restore missing formula bar in Excel 2013/2016

There is nothing worse than those the little annoying problems that pop up just when we have an important job to do. Probably one of the worst of them is the missing formula bar. When it is gone, we can not see or write any formulas.

Most often we have no idea how it happened, but fortunately, it can be quickly restored. There are two ways doing it. Let's start.

From Ribbon (quicker)

  1. Go to View ribbon and click Formula bar checkbox.


    On smaller screens, in View ribbon you have to click Show first.


From Excel options

  1. On the ribbon click File tab

    Click to enlarge

  2. On the left bottom, click Options

    Click to enlarge

  3. In Excel Options go to Advanced options. There in Display section is a Show formula bar checkbox. Check it to show the bar.

    Click to enlarge

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