Privacy Tip – Disable Built in Web Camera!

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Webcams can be a window into your home as they’ve been known for being target for malware, which can easily take it over.

This creates a potential for your camera to spy on you!

If you have a built-in camera, here’s how to disable it and protect yourself.

  1. Go to Device Manager by pressing Win + R to display Run window, type


    and click OK.

    Click to enlarge
    Open Device Manger using command line


    press Win + X and choose Device Manager on it.

    Windows X key- choose Device Manager
    Click to enlarge
  2. Find your camera among listed devices. It should be under Imaging devices.
    Right click it and choose Disable.
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    right click camera and click disable
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  3. On next window click Yes as this is exactly what we want to do.

    Confirm disabling device
    Click to enlarge
  4. Verify that the device is disabled. It should have small arrow pointing down on its icon.
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    Disabled camera
    Click to enlarge

To enable camera again, right click it in the Device Manager and choose Enable.

Best way to disable a build in camera is to simply use a piece of duct tape or black electrical tape and glue it onto the camera lens. This way even if software gets access to it, it will see only black area.

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