How to remove forum from Tapatalk


This article will show you how to remove forum from my forums list in Tapatalk application.

  1. Slide screen up/down to show the bottom menu

    How To Delete Forum Tapatalk

  2. Tap profile icon at the bottom

    How To Delete Forum Tapatalk

  3. Tab and hold name or icon of the forum you want to delete

    How To Delete Forum Tapatalk

  4. Depending on the forum click delete or unfollow.
    Forum will be now removed from my forums list.

    How To Delete Forum Tapatalk How To Delete Forum Tapatalk

  1. MarioMathers says

    I wanted to do this for ages, but didn’t know how. This worked perfectly! Thank you!

  2. Rob Parmley says

    Does not work on iPhone version 5.1.1 build 755. Nothing happens when holding on the forum. Can only swipe to open it.

  3. Sebastian Expert says


    Which version do you have? on which platform? Android or iPhone?
    I just tested it on Android, Tapatalk version 5.0.4 build 520. Play Store does not report any new version.
    Also if you want to delete forum, then tab ‘delete’ in ‘delete/move option’ you have.


  4. Luke McFadden says

    This isn’t working the most recent version (as of today)? I can swipe the forum, but I only have the delete/move option.

  5. Anonymous says

    thx, so not only I had problem with this.

  6. ted says

    thanks! i wasted 20 minutes futzing around w/the stupid app until i found your instructions.

  7. Vanessa says

    Nothing happens when I hold it down… This doesn’t work for me….

    1. Sebastian Expert says

      which version do you have? I just checked it on 4.15.8 and it still works.

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