Quick Way to Resolve Problems with Add-ins in Excel

If every time you try to start Excel it crashes showing message saying that the program has stopped working – it might be that one of the installed extensions are failing and are causing Excel to behave like this.

To check if this is a case, try to open Excel in Safe Mode, disable all extensions and then in normal mode enable each one-by-one to see which one causes the problem.

  1. Open Run Window by pressing Windows Key + R

  2. Type:

    excel /safe


    /excel /safemode

    and press Enter

    Run Excel in Safe Mode
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  3. Verify if Excel started in Safe Mode by checking title bar.

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  4. If Excel starts correctly we can be sure that the problem is in the one of the addins.
    Let’s disable all of them now to start one-by-one in normal mode later.

    Go to File -> Options

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  5. Click Add-ins tab. On right-bottom choose add-in types you are using and push Go… button

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  6. Disable Add-ins by unchecking items and clicking OK. Repeat for each add-in types.

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