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How to Rotate or Flip Text in Microsoft Word 2013/2016

By | March 12, 2018

Both Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016 allow to rotate and flip text which is in Text Box. You can't just rotate any text. It actually makes sense since you can fully control content of the Text Box and Text Box it self. You can resize it, change color, border, anchor it to surrounding text.

Rotating text is very easy. Here I will show you how to do it. Also in the end we will remove the border of the Text Box so that the text looks cleaner.

  1. Insert Text Box by clicking Text Box item in Insert tab.

    Inserting Text Box which will be rotated

    Inserting Text Box which will be rotated - Click to enlarge

  2. Left click inside Text Box and type in or use Copy/Paste to insert text you want to rotate

  3. Left click border of the Text Box. Drag circle shaped arrow left or right to rotate the Text Box


    Rotate right - Click to enlarge


    Rotate left - Click to enlarge

  4. If you want to flip text go to Format tab and click on Rotate item


    Wide screen - Click to enlarge


    Narrow screen - Click to enlarge

  5. Last thing is to get rid of the border. Left click the border and in Format -> Shape Outline click No Outline


    Click to enlarge

  6. This is the final result


    Click to enlarge

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