How to set Start Page and New Tab to Blank in Microsoft Edge

Web browsers have become the essential tool when it comes to the Internet. We use them for work, checking e-mail, communications and many other things.
It is therefore important that we want them to start up as quickly as possible and not distract us with unnecessary things.

Browser vendors go the other way – they add different, less useful information as soon as we open a new browser window or a new tab.

Following the steps below you will be able to configure the Microsoft Edge so that when you open it or open a new tab, you will see a blank page.

As a result, the window will open much faster and you will not be distracted with unnecessary information.

  1. Click three dots button in top-right corner

    Click to enlarge

  2. Click Settings

    Click to enlarge

  3. In Open Microsoft Edge with choose A specific page or pages.
    Below type in


    and click Save icon on the right.

    Click to enlarge

  4. If you also want to have empty new tabs, in Open new tabs with choose A blank page

    Click to enlarge

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