Stop Conversion of (c) (r) to Copyright © or Registered ® symbols in Excel, Word

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When you type (c) or (r) (c or r enclosed in parentheses) in any Microsoft Office product like Excel or Word it gets automatically changed to Registered symbol ® (R in a circle) and the Copyright symbol © (C in a circle).


This is due to AutoCorrect feature build into Office products.

AutoCorrect has been created to correct typos, capitalization errors, and misspelled words, as well as automatically insert symbols and other pieces of text.

By default, AutoCorrect uses a standard list of typical misspellings and symbols, but you can modify the entries in this list.

Most of the times is very helpful but in some situations it can be very annoying. This is the example when it is annoying.


There are two ways of dealing with it. First one is fast and is perfect when you need to use it only few times. Second one is permanent and involves configuring the default AutoCorrect list of items it uses so that it will not replace (c) or (r) to © or ® symbols.

Single instance reversal

  1. Type in text as usual (c). AutoCorrect will change it to ©

  2. Press CTRL+Z. This will undo AutoCorrect change and bring back (c) text.


Permanent solution

  1. Go to File tab

  2. Click Options at the bottom-left

  3. In options window go to Proofing and in AutoCorrect options click AutoCorrect Options...

  4. In AutoCorrect tab there is a list of items which are replaced by AutoCorrect. Select one you want to delete, for example if you want to stop (c) conversion to © then click (c) line and click Delete below the list.

    When done, click OK button.


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