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All You Need to Know about Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2013/2016

By | March 16, 2018

Watermarks in documents are usually used in business and office applications. You can use them to mark documents, for example, not yet finished as DRAFT, or secret as CONFIDENTIAL. Of course, Word allows you to insert watermarks into documents. You can even configure by changing the text, color, font. You can also insert your own picture as a… Read More »

How to Change Measurements Units in Word 2013/2016

By | March 10, 2018

By default, Word takes the unit of measure settings from the system’s regional settings. Sometimes, however, there is a need to use, even temporarily, other units. Fortunately, changing these settings in Word is very easy. Click File tab in top-left corner Click Options tab at the bottom-left corner Go to Advanced tab Scroll down to Display section. There… Read More »